BALMEROL Lipex HDX – 460 is a premium grade, high perfomance, highly adherent, high temperature grease, specially formulated for slow moving heavily loaded bearings working under heavy loads, shock loads and vibration.

BALMEROL Lipex HDX – 460 is specially formulated using high viscosity mineral oil and lithium complex soap, carefully selected solid lubcricants and synergistics blend of additives best suited for lubricants of slow moving heavy duty bearings found in mining & steel industries.

BALMEROL Lipex HDX – 460 has exellent water repellent properties and resists entry of water into the bearings and ensures protection against hostile environment. The grease retains its consistency under severe conditions of load and water ingress resulting in lower consumption levels. The grease provides excellent high temperature, anti corrosion & anti oxidation performance. It also contains premium solid lubricants to provide protection against shock loads